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The Banyan Thought Tree is an effort to simplify the Philosophy of Life. Words that symbolize a positive thought or thing, sayings of Spiritual Gurus, inspirations of famous leaders, motivating thoughts from sacred books etc will be posted and archived, serving as a referral to those who wish to understand and practice the simple philosophy of Truth and Goodness.
      Posted by: Hinduism Art of Living
There is no purifier in this world like knowledge; he that perfects his practice of selfless action finds that knowledge in himself in due time.

-Srimad Bhagavad Gita

      Posted by: Hinduism Art of Living
In relationships, it is required that you evaluate how the person is not just towards you but to mankind in general. It’s not good enough if they are good to you, they need to be good human beings and be constantly evolving themselves to gain your love and respect. This principle applies to you as well.

-Banyan Thought Tree
      Posted by: Hinduism Art of Living
Everyone is eager to befriend the rich and great. True friendship , says Kabir, is careless of rank and state.

-Kabir Doha

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