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The Banyan Thought Tree is an effort to simplify the Philosophy of Life. Words that symbolize a positive thought or thing, sayings of Spiritual Gurus, inspirations of famous leaders, motivating thoughts from sacred books etc will be posted and archived, serving as a referral to those who wish to understand and practice the simple philosophy of Truth and Goodness.
Sri Sarada Devi
      Posted by: Hinduism Art of Living
Learning from Nature
A devotee took a tiny Banyan seed and said to Mother, Look Mother, it is tinier even than the tiniest seed we know. From this will spring a Giant tree! How Strange!. Indeed , it will, Mother replied. See what a tiny seed is the Name of God. From it in time come divine moods, devotion, love and spiritual consummation.
      Posted by: Hinduism Art of Living
Karma (Destiny)
One has to suffer the consequences of one’s deeds. But by japa ( repeating the Name of God), you can lessen its intensity. If you were destined to have a wound, japa will reduce its impact to a pin prick – that is how powerful a effect Japa and austerities has on Karma.
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